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About Us

Psychology with a Twist is a refuge for those navigating the challenges of a multicultural, stressful, and sometimes traumatic world. Our private practice specializes in providing tailored counseling services that empower individuals to navigate life’s complexities. We uniquely integrate traditional therapy with holistic remedies, fostering a warm and professional environment that feels like a true home for healing.

In the diverse tapestry of our society, discussing personal matters outside of familial circles can be challenging. Understanding this, we strive to break the silence, offering a space where individuals can freely express themselves. Psychology with a Twist recognizes the profound impact of suppressed emotions on one’s body, health, and overall happiness.
Our commitment extends beyond conventional counseling as we prioritize creating a safe and private sanctuary for individuals to explore their inner selves. Going the extra mile, we incorporate personality tests into our approach, aiding individuals in crafting profiles that guide them toward careers aligning with their authentic selves. Psychology with a Twist is not just a counseling service; it’s a personalized journey toward resilience, self-discovery, and a more fulfilling life. Step into a realm where therapy meets innovation, where traditional practices seamlessly blend with holistic remedies. Allow us to be your trusted companions on this transformative path. At Psychology with a Twist, your well-being is not just a goal; it’s our commitment.

Message from Marvin, Founder of Psychology with a Twist


I’m Marvin, a board-certified counselor and soon-to-be licensed psychologist, passionate about mental health and holistic well-being. With a background in Information Technology, I’ve shifted my focus to offer a distinctive counseling approach at Psychology with a Twist, seamlessly integrating traditional therapy with holistic remedies.

The genesis of Psychology with a Twist stems from personal experiences with the challenges of suicide and drug addiction among friends and loved ones. These encounters ignited my commitment to creating a haven for those seeking solace beyond family circles. Founded with the vision of a warm and professional environment, Psychology with a Twist is where healing feels like coming home.
My educational journey started with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Columbia College. Building on this foundation, I earned an MBA in Strategic Leadership with a focus on Healthcare Management from the University of Denver. Currently, I’m in the final stages of my PsyD at California Southern University, merging business acumen with a deep passion for mental health.
Beyond conventional counseling, my commitment extends to providing a safe sanctuary for self-exploration. Incorporating personality tests, I guide individuals to understand strengths and flaws, aligning their careers with authentic selves.

Step into a realm where therapy meets innovation at Psychology with a Twist. Your well-being is not just a goal but my unwavering commitment.


Our vision

At Psychology With a Twist, our goal is to be the best psychotherapy service in Texas, known for our honesty, skill, and dedication to providing excellent care that is friendly and easy to understand. Our goal is to make a safe and friendly space where people can get the help and support they need to improve their emotional and mental health. Our commitment to low-cost services and cutting-edge buildings helps us set the bar for the best in psychotherapy. We want to help get rid of the shame that comes with getting emotional and mental health help, and we want to offer excellent psychotherapeutic services that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

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Our Approach

Our goal is to be the best psychotherapy service by providing helpful services in a calm setting with cutting-edge equipment at a price that everyone can afford. Our goal is to support emotional and mental health, get rid of the shame that comes with asking for help, and give our clients excellent psychotherapeutic services that make their lives better.
Our top priorities are to put people first, be honest, strive for greatness, and keep a positive, helpful environment. Individualized therapy and counseling sessions give people the abilities they need to deal with problems, learn more about themselves, make good relationships, and improve their emotional and relationship health.

Stress and anxiety, dating, job goals, relationships and marriage, sex communication, HIV/AIDS issues, and a lot more are all things that can be talked about. If you feel like you can’t be open and honest anywhere else, know that it’s okay to be transparent with us. We won’t judge each other in our relationship, but we will push you when you need it as you try to find answers and solutions to the problems you are facing in life.

Psychology with a Twist services

People who want to improve their emotional and mental health can get a variety of counseling and therapy services at Psychology With a Twist. Our services are made to help people with a wide range of problems and wants in a friendly and open space. Here is a list of the things we offer:

Our expert counselors offer one-on-one sessions where clients can talk about their problems, explore their feelings, and learn more about how they think and act. Individual therapy helps people learn how to deal with problems, boosts their self-esteem, and helps them grow as people.

We know how important it is for families to get along well. The main goals of our family therapy services are to help people talk to each other better, settle disagreements, and make relationships stronger. By including everyone in the family, we make a safe and caring space that helps people understand and heal.

Going through a traumatic event can have a big effect on your mental health. The goal of our trauma counseling services is to help people get over the effects of stress and become stronger. Our therapists use techniques that have been shown to work to help people who have been through trauma deal with their symptoms, heal, and feel safe and in control again.

It can be hard to make and keep partnerships that work.

People and couples who come to us for relationship therapy get the assistance and guidance they need to make their relationships better. We work on communication problems, learn better ways to settle disagreements, and build stronger emotional bonds and closeness.

In addition to counseling sessions, we also give psychoeducational workshops on topics like how to deal with anger, how to avoid relapse, and how to live a healthy life. People who want to grow and improve personally can get useful information, useful techniques, and a supportive community at these workshops.

We help people understand their skills, weaknesses, and personalities by giving them personality tests. This knowledge can be instrumental in career exploration and decision-making, enabling people to align their skills and personality traits with suitable career paths.

Getting help for addiction is one of the main things Psychology With a Twist does. Our team of dedicated and caring counselors is committed to giving people who are struggling with addiction individualized care, advice, and support. We know how complicated addiction can be and are here to help clients get better by using understanding, compassion, and methods that have been shown to work.

Acknowledging is the first step. How long it takes to make progress, is up to you.

Behavior change happens when we accept there’s a concern impeding on our quality of life and challenge ourselves to find solutions.

Marvin k. Braggs

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